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Arizona Jazz Magazine ties you in to the local Jazz music lifestyle. . . the perfect compliment to your media mix!

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Your ad will enjoy free CONTROLLED circulation via subscription and from these targeted outlets like clubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues, retail outlets, hotels, resorts, and airlines. Thousands will be mailed to verified addresses in rotating local ZIP codes, randomly and at the request of our advertisers.

Who will you find reading Arizona Jazz Magazine?
Your ad will reach thousands of upwardly-mobile, affluent, active Arizonans from all walks of life. Research on the Arizona Jazz audience reveals:
- More than 50% have annual household income over $50,000
- 80% are employed as white-collar/managerial/professionals
- 63% of the audience is between 35 and 54 years of age
- More than half are married
- 70% are college educated
- 75% are home owners

How can you advertise in Arizona Jazz Magazine?
Contact: TARGETED MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 1241 E. Washingtion Street, Suite 206 Phoenix AZ 85034
phone 602.230.8161 fax 602.230.8162

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At AZJazz Online you'll find regular contests, voting for The Best of AZjazz, music & restaurant reviews, and On Stage Tonight, a special AZJazz Online feature with current information on local club schedules and superstar concert dates.

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